I Fly Carpets collection

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Les Benjamins unveils bold new ‘I Fly Carpets collection’ promoting punk culture and paying homage to the dynamic and evolving East


Istanbul-based luxury streetwear brand Les Benjamins is known for its forward-thinking collections capturing the zeitgeist, with quirky collaborations and statement pieces being a key identity of the brand. Entitled ‘I Fly Carpets’, Les Benjamins’ latest boundary-pushing drops draws on the notions of founder Bünyamin Aydin, and his connections with the contemporary east, punk and street culture, and their vibrant respective communities.


Channeling Aydin’s passion projects, ‘I Fly Carpets’ is a representation of his own aspiration to propel the East towards progress. It draws on his own creative journey, growing up as an immigrant in Berlin and immersing himself in the visual world of fashion, art and the colorful worlds of both Berlin and Istanbul’s street and youth culture.


Capturing the bold, bright and unapologetic identities of the punk and skate communities in the East - and across the world - the new collection comprises a selection of unisex attire, featuring five trendy sweatshirts, five branded caps and five similarly branded tee shirts, alongside five of both women’s and men’s utility pants.


Vivacious neon is complemented by tonal graphic carpet detailing, paying homage to Aydin and Les Benjamins’ Turkish roots and the East’s rich carpet-making heritage, while making a modern, head-turning statement. Key pieces in the collection include neon yellow, orange and pink sweatshirts with stylish black trims, alongside more neutral, classic black and white editions, emblazoned with ‘I Fly Carpets’ on the back – all created as unisex pieces to embody the versatility, acceptance and fluidity of the brand. Women’s cargo pants are cut with a flattering high waist, wide legs and oversized pockets, and available in white, black and the same vivid neon pink, orange and yellow. Cargo pants are overlaid with carpet-inspired graphic detailing adding another dimension to the stand-out pieces.  


Note to editors

Unifying street culture of the West with the little-documented underground of the East, Les Benjamins serves as a catalyst for cultural storytelling through the prism of design. Founded by Bunyamin Aydin in 2011, in Istanbul, the brand has built an influential roster of collaborators and supporters varying from Kim Kardashian and Travis Scott to Daniel Arsham, Nike and Apple.Centred on amplifying and platforming the voices of Eastern Youth culture, the Les Benjamins’ community continues to serve as a potent driving force for the brand, which is now stocked in over 60 leading global retailers across 20 countries.